Thursday, November 17, 2011

My New Favorite Brush Cleaner: Japonesque Professional Brush Cleaner

I've been trying different brush cleaners lately, everything from E.L.F.'s daily brush cleaner, their brush shampoo, regular shampoo, Sonia Kashuk's brush cleaner, and a few other things, but nothing really cleaned them well. E.L.F.'s daily brush cleaner worked okay, but there was some residues on my lighter brushes that just wouldn't come out. I thought they were stained forever! I'm also not a huge fan of shampoo which can ruin your brushes if you get them too wet, loosening the glue and causing the bristles to fall out, not to mention they can take hours to dry.

   Then, the other day I was in Ulta to pick up some more foundation and decided to see what they had to offer, and while there I came across the Japonesque Professional Brush Cleaner. I figured why not.

This stuff is amazing! It cleaned my brushes thoroughly with only a few sprays per brush and it smells great! It has a lemony scent, which I really like, and doesn't take long for the brushes to dry. The scent can linger, but I don't mind it since I enjoy citrus smells. I wish you could see in person how well this stuff works. It doesn't lather up, so no rinsing required. Just a few sprays on the bristles and gently wipe on a clean towel or tissue.

E.L.F. Stippling brush - before & after

Sigma F80- before & after

I would highly recommend this cleaner! It cleaned brushes that had already been washed, it works that well. As I mentioned above, I had a few brushes that I thought were permanently stained from makeup, my Sigma F80 included, but this cleaner got out any lingering makeup and they look brand new. My search is over!


  1. Looks great! I might need to look into that one when all my cleaners run out. You might even like the Parian Spirit cleaner, it sounds very similar to this one.

  2. It might be. The bottle says Parian Spirit on it... Maybe same manufacturer?

  3. This is an old post, but if you are still interested in Parian Spirit, then you need to look at our website to find a new source. Japonesque stopped distributing our product in January of 2013, so anything left on the shelves after July will be their new product- not Parian Spirit.