Monday, April 15, 2013


We've always talked about having our own garden and growing some of our own food but hadn't had the chance to actually put the idea into action. Recently we were able to set aside some funds and thanks to the Home Depot Black Friday Spring sale, were able to get most things on our list for a pretty good discount!

We're also trying to spruce up our home and yard for our family reception/party in June and I can't wait to show off this baby!

We were able to get a 4x4 raised planter bed and they had a great deal on already started veggies, so we picked up 3 kinds of tomatoes, 2 kinds of cucumbers, green bell peppers, and red and white sweet onions. I cannot wait for these to start producing fruit! I want to get a few more (or even use pallets if I can find a way to get them home) to start some other fruits and veggies like garlic and maybe even some herbs.

We also picked up some carrot and watermelon seeds and are trying to start these on our own. The carrots should be germinating (7-8 days) and hopefully start sprouting soon. They're in the pot (an idea I got from Pinterest - seriously, I've learned so much since joining the site). We're hoping the watermelon (planted to the side of the planter box and pot) actually take. My husband was such a good sport and we worked for 4+ hours to get this all set up.

This beauty was an idea I got again from Pinterest (see my comments about it here). This was great! It was also very quick. I laid the pots out and painted one coat, let them dry while I went to work in another area of the yard, when dry painted a second coat, let that dry, and they were ready! The plants were 2/$1 during the same (talk about a good deal!) and we picked a variety to add color. I didn't paint the entire inside of the pot since it would be covered by soil and plants anyway, and only painted the inside rim to the bevel.


  1. Wow the stack of plants is too good.

    xo janika