Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why I've been MIA

Let's see. I haven't posted in almost 6 months! Where have I been you ask? It's been a crazy 6 months that's for sure.  Where to start…

February. I was surprised with an edible arrangements basket and a beautiful necklace on valentines day.
On Friday, February 17th, I came home to an apartment full of candles, rose petals, and a a handsome, sharply dressed man on one knee. He happened to be holding a great book with a ring inside. It was sweet and romantic and it couldn't have been more perfect. I said yes! We've set the date for 12/12/12 and will be eloping just the two of us. I can't wait!

The pictures don't do the proposal arrangement justice. He was on one knee with the book in the heart when I got home :)

March. We closed escrow on our house and officially became first time home owners! It was a crazy, stressful, and hectic time, but we completed the move successfully. The first "renovation" we made to the home was to take out the glass-slider shower doors from the guest bath and put up a shower curtain. It looks a million times better. Managed to tear down a lot of the old wallpaper that was in the house when we moved in. Still haven't had a chance to paint yet.

April. Finished with everything at the apartment and finally secured everything at the new house. I received a promotion at work. I tried fondue for the first time at a local place called The Melting Pot. I believe it might be a chain, but I'm not sure. It was delicious!

That's an oreo covered marshmallow. Amazing.

May. We went to Wicked! I had been wanting to see the play since 2009 when it was in San Francisco, but the tickets were so expensive it wasn't really possible. So in December when tickets opened up for the Sacramento engagement, I bought right away. Then about 2 weeks later I found out that I had WON a set of 4 tickets to the opening night! I couldn't believe it. So we sold the tickets we had and took some great friend to the show with us.  It was amazing! We also went camping over memorial day weekend. It was cold and rainy pretty much the whole time, but we still had fun :) 

Wicked things

Camping. Saturday afternoon was the nicest of the weekend. We went hiking to University Falls. Forgive my lack of makeup and haircare, it's camping!

June. We went to a Sacramento Rivercats game (the minor league team to the Oakland As) which was a lot of fun. I haven't been to a baseball game in years.

That's actually a hamburger in the shape of a hotdog, with onion pieces inside. It was delicious.

July. My brother's birthday, my birthday, and my car. My poor car. The day I went to pick up my new prescription sunglasses (which I had been so excited about) my car's AC system went out. This day happened to be 106 deg outside. It turns out it's going to be about $1000 to fix, which I don't have, so no fans, no air, and no heater (for when the time comes). Blech. 

My George surprised me for my birthday with a pool! Can you believe that? He spent an afternoon in 100+ degree weather putting this thing together to surprise me. It's so much fun! Just big enough for the yard and to lounge in on the hot Sacramento days. I love it! I have my lounge chair with a cup holder for my drink and can just relax in the water.

So far that's been my last half year. It's been exciting and hectic and I couldn't be happier! I have my fiance, my cats, a home, and a job.  I've been keeping up with my makeup and nail polish obsession. Here are a few manicures and looks I've captured over the past few months. I'm trying out the whole cat-eye/winged liner look and am really liking it!

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