Friday, July 22, 2011

Growing it Out

For those of you who don't know, I have very long, thick, curly red hair. I very much prefer it when it's straightened because it's easier to manage and I think it looks much nicer. I don't do it very often because between blow drying and flat ironing, it can take 2 hours to do. Well, I went to Ulta on Wednesday for their free wash and straight style event and had the pleasure of having someone else straighten my hair for me. It wasn't until after that I realized just how long my hair is getting! It's been much longer in the past, but in about September 2007 I cut it to just below my shoulders and have been wanting it long ever since. Between then and now, I've had quite a few mishaps and set backs with trims and styles gone awry (multiple times they cut 4+ inches off when I only asked for 1-2). One time the stylist cut off 6 inches trying to straighten out a trim! I was very upset. Anyway, back to my point. Nearly 4 years later, it's finally getting there!

This image is from Instagram, so my hair looks much more dyed red than the auburn color it is, but this is how long it is! Not much longer until it's at my waist again. I can't wait!


  1. Wooow, it's so long :) I really love your hair color :)

  2. I love fire red hair gracefully flipped up.