Monday, December 26, 2011

Jelly Belly Factory & Belated Thanksgiving Photos

The week of Thanksgiving, I had two paid holidays, so I decided to take the extra 3 days with vacation to have the entire week off. My boyfriend had a week of vacation that he had to use before the end of the year, so he decided to take it of as well. I can say that it definitely did not last long enough, but it was nice to sleep in past 5am more than 2 days in a row :)

During our time off, we didn't do a whole lot (which was the plan), but we did manage to make it to Fairfield to take a tour of the Jelly Bell Factory. This is something we had talked about doing for a while, but we wanted to go during the week so that the factory would actually be running, and this was the perfect opportunity!

They offer free tours every 20 minutes or so and you get free samples! Jelly Bellys are my favorite type jelly bean, always have been (and it made them a million times cooler to me when they started producing Bertie Botts Every Flavored Bean - Harry Potter reference for you - but that's off topic). We had a quick lunch in the cafe and waited in line for our tour.

Due to health regulations, you have to wear a hate when inside the factory, so they provide you with these silly paper hats (better than hair nets I guess!). My hair is so long that I'm not sure wearing a hat did much anyway. Also, that yellow wall is ghastly for photos!

Here are some more photos from the factory

Harry Potter of course!

Front of the building all decorated for Christmas. To the right was a giant Christmas tree!

 Thanksgiving was at my grandparent's house this year, which was nice for us since we only had to travel about 45 minutes instead of the hour and a half (give or take) through winding roads to my parent's house in the Bay Area.

I went for a more natural look. I don't think my grandparents would have been ready for bright greens or dark greys.


  1. Great pics! I love Jelly Bellys!! mmm so good =) You look beautiful too!!

  2. Aw! I've always wanted to go there! :)

  3. @Miranda - Thank you so much!

    @Krystal - You should totally go sometime. It was my second time taking the tour and even at 25 I still had a great time! Fun for all ages.