Monday, February 6, 2012

EOS Lip-balm Review - Summer Fruit

After seeing everyone go nuts about the EOS  lip-balms on blogs all across the land, and being the lipstick/balm/gloss junkie I am, I decided to pick one up.  I only had 2 options in the store, so I went with Summer Fruit over the Honeysuckle Honeydew. The spherical shape makes applications super easy, and you can apply product to your full lip in only one or two swipes, which I really liked. The scent is also amazing. I was half tempted to take a bit of the thing the first few times I used it! 

Unfortunately, my love of these only extends that far. I wanted so badly to like this product, but I just can't. I used it for about 3 days, and right away I noticed that it didn't leave my lips feeling very moisturized. I found myself having to reapply it constantly, and if I didn't I was left with extremely parched lips that were on the verge of cracking. I feel like this is some gimmick to get a person to constantly use up the product quickly so they have to purchase more. It's also bigger than I had imagined. It's not something you can really put in your pocket, but it can easily be found in a bag or purse because of it's shape.

In the website photos, the balm is more of a white, but in reality, mine was this yellow color. Almost reminds me of a cooked egg yolk. 

Within a day I was already getting chapped and peeling lips. I was not happy, but I kept using it to see if it would get better, but sadly it did not. I stopped using it, and barely a day later, my lips were back to normal. Suffice it to say, I must be one of the only people out there that does not appreciate this product, but that's not to say that just because it didn't work for me that it won't work for you. Tons of people in the bloggosphere love 'em. What do you think?

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