Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas Mani Fail

For Christmas I wanted to have a Christmassy manicure. This year I was totally into all things green, red and silver for the season, so I decided to go for this look with my nails as well. On Christmas eve, I went for it and ended up using a dark green, Envy by Ulta, and on my accent nails I used Ulta's Gunmetal covered with a coat of Love Marilyn by China Glaze. I loved it! I thought it looked really good, so did my Boyfriend!

Christmas morning I woke up... and the polish on my right hand accent nail was gone. Just gone! It had completely come off and was no where to be found. This has never happened to me before; I couldn't believe my eyes. At first I thought I was just seeing things, but there on my left hand the polish was fine! I checked my hair, the bed, all over the place to see if it had just come off, but I turned up with zilch. So I take a shower and go to get ready and do my makeup, and the polish on my left hand accent finger is now gone! I couldn't help thinking that maybe there was a bad reaction with the polishes and they just didn't mesh. I didn't have time to redo them before leaving for my parent's house, so I spent all of Christmas with only 4 of my 5 nails on each hand painted. I thought it was really funny and really odd!

I still can't believe it. Has this every happened to any of you? I used a proper base and top coat as well, so I don't think it was that. Just plain weird!

Another thing I noticed about this green polish, when applied on its own, is smooth, but even though I waited until it was no longer tacky in the slightest before applying my NYC top coat, it wrinkled and cracked. I haven't had a problem with this topcoat on any of my of Ulta brand nail polishes. I think you can kind of see it in the photos above. It has this cracked/wavy look beneath the top coat. I've also never encountered this before. Such a weird mani experience!

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