Monday, January 30, 2012

Purex Crystals and Jockey Product Review & 20% off Coupon

Recently Purex has teamed up with Jockey to test out their new fabric softener that is specially designed to preserve the dry-wicking formula of many sports clothes. Regular fabric softener can loosen this special mesh, ultimately rendering that expensive golf shirt or sports bra useless. I received a set of Purex Crystals in Tropical Splash and a nice, new sports bra from Jockey made with moisture-wicking fabric to test for myself! As my boyfriend is a golfer an appreciates these types of fabrics that can keep you cool and dry while playing, I was especially intrigued.

Here's what the fact sheet says:
2012 Jockey Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra
- Moisture wicking sports bra helps keep you cool & dry
- Convenient key pocket so you can take your workouts anywhere
- Reflective logo at the back
- Breathable mesh panels
- Soft bottom band for comfortable support
-Machine wash and dry

2012 Purex Crystals
- Purex Crystals do not contain oil, so it can safely be used on all laundry, including: athletic wear, towels, children's sleepwear, and everything else.
-Are 92% natural crystals that go in at the start of the wash so they spend more time with your laundry infusing them with long lasting freshness

The sports bra fits very well. The only thing I think I would have liked more is if the elastic on the bottom was a bit more stretchy. I think there really isn't much give with the band, so getting it on and over my head and shoulders can be a bit tricky, but once it's on it's completely comfortable. Over the past two weeks I've worn this sports bra for my regular cardio workouts and it's held up quite nicely! It doesn't bunch up or shift, which is a problem I've had in the past. This little baby also has a hidden pocket right inside the front to keep something the size of a key or a lip balm. Since I work out in my apartment, I don't make much use of this feature, but I remember when I did go to a gym how inconvenient carrying around your key was, trying to find somewhere to keep it on the treadmill where it wouldn't fall off mid-stride leaving you to scramble to hop off and grab it before it was lost. I think this is an ingenious addition to the sports bra. Right now through February 12th, you can sign up for a 20% off coupon for the sports bra!

The Purex Crystals are great! The container comes with this little bubble lid that you can use to measure out the amount you need, and they're not messy at all. The first time used them I thought the scent was a tad strong, when first starting the wash cycle, but it goes away quickly and it's not overpowering on your clothes when they're done. Now I'm someone with very sensitive skin and eczema to boot, and scented laundry detergents and fabric softeners normally irritate my skin. I was a little worried about this when the package first arrive and I pulled out a giant bottle marked with Tropical Splash. I figured wearing something that could highly irritate my skin while working out and sweating my butt off might not have been the smartest idea, so I started out small. I washed a small load of laundry with it in case it set my skin ablaze with rashes, but to my surprise I was fine. I must say that the sports bra has held up under the washings and I haven't noticed any change in the fabric composition. After a few more months of washing I will definitely give an update as to how it's still holding up.

I have continued to use the fabric softener and I must say that I'm falling in love with it. It's so convenient, smells great, and I have even washed my bed sheets with it and my skin has been fine. I would definitely recommend these to anyone.

Disclosure: Jockey and Purex provided free samples of their products so I could review them. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own.

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