Thursday, September 6, 2012


I have had a green, 2003 Ford Mustang since February 2005. I have always loved Mustangs and my dream car is a 1967 Fastback. I loved this car.  In the seven and a half years I had it, I only let 3 other people drive it. I washed it myself. It was my baby. On the hottest day of July (it was 106 degrees here in Sacramento) I was stopping by my optometrist to pick up my prescription sunglasses and on my way home, I noticed my air conditioning wasn't very cold. Then, as I was approaching the round about near my house, I heard some terrible noises coming from the engine and then smoke was everywhere. I immediately turned off the  a/c  and drove home.


Turns out the  a/c  compressor went out. Which is $1,100 to fix. I don't have $1,100 and I did not want to finance an expense that large, especially when the car itself only blue booked for just over $3,200. As much as I loved my car, at 111,000 miles and now with a broken a/c system, it was time to start looking at our options. Not even the fans worked, which also meant no defroster or heater in the winter. My Fiance was wonderful and switched cars with me since he works earlier and would be driving home at a cooler time of day, so I didn't suffer too much. Even with no a/c I think he enjoyed having a powerful car to drive for a while, but he'd never admit it.

Anyway...I've had my eye on the Kia Optima for over a year now and have been watching out for deals. My original plan was if I ever bought a new car, I would just keep the mustang and buy the new car flat out without trading it in. With our predicament, plans changed. We had originally decided to wait until after the wedding and tax season for our rebate to help with a down payment for a new car, but then one of the local dealers advertised the 2013 Optima at a fantastic deal. We didn't go with the intention of leaving with a new car, simply to check it out and see if it was an option, but at that price, we couldn't turn it up. We ended up trading in the mustang, which covered our portion, so we paid nothing out of pocket and walked away with a brand new, 2013 Kia Optima.

As sad as I was to say goodbye to my mustang, I knew it was time. I know eventually, some time down the road I'll have kids and need a more family friendly car and I think the Optima will be a good choice for that, but it was still sad. Goodbye old friend. You will be missed!

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